About Us

Short History

  • Welcome to BeltHosting.com - Web hosting organization, which was established 15 March 2011.
  • Our servers are highly engineered, and our focus is on speed, energy and stabillity.
  • Our sister company, xShellz, is a Linux shell service offering both free and paid accounts for people who want to learn basic Linux command operations, programming, how to run IRC bots (such as eggdrops or python based bots), or even for people who want to take the leap and try running an IRC network of their own on our own customized IRCd's.

A web-hosting network

  • BeltHosting is a web-hosting service located in the EU (Novi Sad, Serbia).
  • BeltHosting is a great hosting platform for your website, business development or even small websites like blogs.


  • We are cooperating with our US support office. We are working with the latest technology and software.
  • All our web-servers use cPanel/WHM and their addons such as Softaculous (Auto-Installer script).
  • Our servers are located worldwide. Our webserver dedicated machine is located in the US(Orlando,FL), and our office is located in the EU/Novi Sad, Serbia.
  • We hope you will consider BeltHosting whenever you need a web hosting solution!

Operation & Live Support

  • We have live support available through our IRC channel on FreeNode in channel #xShellz
  • Our professional staff can help you with any of your issues.
  • For private help PM StephenS, VorteX, bolt or saapete.

Staff Team

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